Our Services


One of the greatest forms of an affection you can give your dog is a walk. It is a dog’s instinct to walk and explore by sniffing and socializing with other dogs. By providing dogs with daily exercise we help them stay happy and healthy. It is with lack of exercise and mental stimulation that a dog becomes bored and stressed. They demonstrate undesirable behaviours such as separation anxiety, excessive barking, excitability, and territorial/destructive behaviour. Walking should be the first step in solving any behaviour problem.  

We will always meet your pets for a one on one meet and greet beforehand, where we can discuss any questions or concerns you may have.


PET and house Sitting 

We provide affordable, reliable and trustworthy pet sitting services.  House Sitting Inspections include:

  • Full home security inspections – inside & outside

  • Interior light changes 

  • Monitoring of appliances, including:

    • Water heaters

    • Furnaces

  • Emergency home maintenance coordination

  • Newspaper and Flyer collection

  • Administeration of medication for pets

$55 per night.

Daily Check-in (15-20 minutes)

For pets who need a bathroom break or need medication given this is a wonderful service.  Let us know when and where and we will do our best to accomodate.

$12 per check-in


Ranch/Farm Care

For larger four legged friends.  Experienced in Herd Health Monitoring, Daily feeding and Supplemental buckets, Grooming, Wound management and Care, Inspecting and Repairing Fences and Exercising Horses as required.

$20 per hour



Life is so much better now that we have found Heather to keep care of our beloved herd and pack of dogs! We actually get to go on vacation and relax knowing someone professional, loving and trustworthy is keeping our fur babies and home safe when we are unable to be there ourselves! Heather comes highly recommended!
— Meagan Saum


This option is ideal for dogs with health issues or perhaps social issues.  Private walks are one hour in length and will be done on a predetermined path around your area.  This is quality one on one time with your dog, in which we can cater to, or help remediate their special needs.

$25 - 60 min.     $15 - 30 min. 

 additional dog from same house $5


Semi-Private Walk

Have your dog mingle with fellow canines on a pack walk. Your dog will get the chance to socialize, exercise and be part of a pack experience. All dogs are evaluated before joining a group, so you can be assured of the safety of your furry friend.

$20 - 60 min.       $15 - 30 min

Additional dog from same house $5