Inductive Bible Study Changed My Life!

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

God gives us the knowledge of His word to make the right choice

Through the years of my growth in the Lord, so many things have come into play that has brought me closer to Him.

When I rededicated my life, the first thing I wanted to do was read and study my Bible. I wanted to understand what God was saying to me. The only Bible study I really knew how to do was to open my Bible read what was on the pages that if fell open to. Well, I read a lot of Psalm 119!! Verse 11 always leapt from the page. It wasn’t until years later that I totally understood what God was saying to me with just that one short little verse.

"I have stored up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you."

I began to study His word with more intentionality. I started with Beth Moore studies, and then moved on to others. God had a plan for me!

In 2007, a very dear sister in Christ introduced me to the inductive method of Bible study and I was hooked!! This method taught me how to observe, interpret and apply the text I was studying teaching me to ask, “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How,” questions about what I was studying. I was able to begin to grasp His word more clearly and precise. Such a wow moment for me!!

I trained to become a Precept Inductive Bible Study leader with Precept Ministries in 2008 and from there begin to lead women as well as children in studies that would have them diving deeper into His word, just as I had learned to do. Discipleship! It was a joy seeing their faces when the lights came on about a certain passage. We studied John, James, Revelation, Jonah, Nehemiah, Daniel, and the list goes on. I get all giddy about it!!

Now back to verse 11. Why did Psalm 119:11 leap from the page so many times when I was doing the “drop, open and read” method of study? HELLO!!! He wanted me to not just read it, but memorize it, meditate on it and hide it in my heart, just like 119:11 was shouting out at me. Why? Well, it told me right there in the verse—so I won’t sin against Him. We serve a pretty awesome God!!

Scripture memorization is a key to growth. Hiding these verses “in your heart” will give you weapons for the warfare that is part of the Christians life.

Ephesians 6 calls it “the sword of the spirit, the word of God.” It is part of the Armor of God!! Each verse memorized is weapon against the attacks of the enemy. When you are faced with a

circumstance, decision or situation, the verses will come to mind at the right time and you will know and understand what God has to say about what you are facing and you will have the wisdom you need to handle it.

God gives us the knowledge of His word to make the right choice

Do we always make the right choice? No, because we are still sinners. However, we can find peace knowing that we have a God who loves us so much, He gave us His wisdom right on the pages of our Bibles. “Treasure it in your heart”. He wrote it for you.

Challenge Questions:

Day One

Think of the first verse you memorized. How did it impact your faith? Share it with us here on the blog.

Day Two If you haven’t taken time to memorize His word, I am challenging you to find one this week and begin memorizing it. Share your verse with us here on the blog.

Day Three How has your faith grown over the time you have been a Christian? Share with us in the forums.

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