Quiet Time - His Time

“In the morning, O Lord, You will hear my voice; in the morning I will order my prayer to You and eagerly watch.” Psalm 5:3 NASB

I want to be completely honest. Finding a quiet time was a struggle for me. In my world, where is the quiet!!?? I am sure many of you are hollering out a big “AMEN” with me.

However, I had to retrain my mind on what the “quiet” in quiet time meant. I prayed asking the Lord to reveal to me how to do it and to understand what it really was. And you know what? HE DID!! I didn’t catch His answers at first, but slowly, He began to retrain my mind to match my heart to chase after Him harder than anything else in my life.

The first thing He did was wake me up in the morning- I mean like wide awake. The first few days I just kind of relaxed in my bed wondering why I couldn’t sleep. I know what you’re thinking. “DUH!” Right?

After, I realized He was waking me up. I began to get up, but instead of taking time for Him, I let my mind wander to the “to do list” running rampant in my thoughts. “Get up, Jo, fix your coffee, pick up that paper on the floor, wash those dishes, take out the trash…etc.” I told God, “Just let me get this or that done, and I will be able to sit and concentrate on you.” By the afternoon, that time had not come, and I was a worn out wreck in a chaotic detailed frenzy. Can you relate?

Another thing He did was literally bring Scripture to mind. Then I would see the same verse posted on social media, read in church or quoted in an email or card.

Finally, I got it…The light came on. Quiet was not meaning complete quiet in the chaos around me. It was being still and quiet in the presence of the One Who sent His Son to die, rise up and conquer death for me. What else did He have to do to prove to me how much He loved me? I felt like my heart stopped in its tracks. My King of Glory wanted to spend time with me. Sure I had my inductive Bible study time and prep time which are great things, too, but He wanted me to just rest in Him and allow Him to speak to my heart. He listened while I poured my heart out to Him, and it was like sitting in the lap of my Daddy while He comforted me with words of encouragement and love. So I began to listen for those sweet words from Him. I looked forward to them He spoke to me through the music, Scripture and reminders of what He has done and Who He is.

I want to share with you the way I do quiet time. Each person will have their own way, but sometimes we can glean from each other. I also want to be honest and tell you that there are days I fail at my quiet time miserably due to the distractions of crazy life. I can tell the difference in my day when I don’t have my quiet time.

So here goes:

  • I wake up early - same time every morning.

  • I sit in the chair in my living room in front of my picture window - same place every morning.

  • I will pray asking the Lord to reveal to me what He wants me to know and how He wants me to apply it.

  • I will open my Bible and focus on a specific passage or verse.

  • I will softly play a worship song.

  • I journal what the Lord has revealed to me.

  • I End in prayer.

Looks simple enough right? Oh, but sister, the enemy is not okay with us taking time out for the Lord, so he will pull all the stops to keep it from happening. Press on. Establishing a quiet time will take discipline, but all of a sudden it becomes part of who you are, a daughter sitting in the lap of Her King worshipping the lover of her soul.


DAY 1:

Do you have a quiet time? If so, share some of your quiet time tips and ideas here on the blog to encourage all of us. If you are one wanting to establish a quiet time, commit to pray asking God to show you and trust that He will.

DAY 2:

Do you journal your quiet time thoughts? If so, do you have a specific idea you would like to share here on the blog? Fresh ideas are always great!!

DAY 3:

We would love to hear how the Lord has spoken to your heart about your quiet time. Share your stories with us here on the blog.

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