The Unfailing Love of God

The first verse that really resonated in my heart and I committed to memory when I began my journey in seeking God was Psalm 143:8:

Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love,

For I have put my trust in you.

Show me the way I should go,

For to you I lift up my soul.

I printed a copy of this verse and attached it to my coffee maker, so each morning, when I reached for that first cup of coffee, I would be reminded of God’s unfailing love and of the promise I made when I gave my life to Him.

During that time in my life, God had been working on my heart even though I didn’t know it yet. I was a broken woman. Divorced. Single mom. Seeking to find happiness as it slipped away each time. Lost. Far from God with no understanding of what a relationship with him looked like.

As I began to learn more about Jesus, my curious mind thought the best place to start growing closer to the Lord would be through His Word. So, I simply picked up a Bible and began to read through it for the first time in my life. As I read chapter by chapter, there were many parts that didn’t make any sense to me yet. When I came across this verse, it was such a comfort, and I clung to it like a lifeline.

Reading through the Bible for that first time was a simple act of faith and commitment. There were times when I wanted to give up as I pondered over a text that I didn’t yet grasp, but I kept trudging forward until I got to the end and started over again and again….

God’s word and presence in my life has transformed me like I never knew was possible, and the faith that I now have in Him affects my every day in ways big and small. He is the one I turn to when I feel frustration or anxiety rising up inside. He is the one I consult for wisdom in a situation or guidance in making a decision. He leads me as I do the small, mundane tasks of the day, and He blesses me when I see Him in the beauty that surrounds me.

He is everywhere in every day, and we can see Him if we just pause long enough to take notice of His presence. The thing that astonishes me the most is that now, I can even look back and see that He was there beside me long before I knew it. I just didn’t acknowledge His presence and see Him in those moments. God is faithful even when we don’t see it.

I have memorized, studied and meditated on many other verses of scripture since that first one, but I always turn back to that verse in Psalm 143 as a reminder of the change He has made in my life. When I stumbled upon this verse the first time, I was looking for someone who would love me with an unconditional and unfailing love. I found that love in Jesus Christ, and I am forever grateful for these words that remind me of his love for me every single day.

Thank you, Lord for your love that will never fail me. I place my trust in you for whatever the day ahead brings. I humbly ask for you to show me what you are calling me to accomplish for your Kingdom this day, and I praise you again as I entrust my soul into your care. Amen.



Do you have a favorite scripture that reminds you of a transformative or difficult time in your life? How did this scripture help to guide you through that time?


How does focusing on the unfailing love of God help you in your everyday walk with Him?


How does the Word of God affect your everyday decision making?

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